The Hidden Cat Litter Boxes

You can hide your cat’s litter box by disguising them as another object or hiding it at an area, such as:

  • Outdoors
  • House
  • Hooded
  • Palm Tree


When you place the litter box outdoors or somewhere where visitors coming to your house are unable to see it, your cat may get confused and not know where their toilet is until you put it back to the original spot. Not a really good way to hide your litter box, in my opinion.


Basically, you just get a dog kennel and put your cat’s litter tray into the kennel. You will have to spend more time cleaning out the litter because this will serve both as a sleeping area and an area for your cat to do their business. I am sure you do not want your cat to be sleeping in a dirty toilet environment.


This is basically covering your cat litter box with a dome. It gives your cat some privacy to do its business. All you need to do is to find a suitable spot to hide the cat litter box and you’re done.

Palm Tree

The litter box is hidden in the pot of the indoor palm tree or any other type of indoor plant, so you can’t see the litter inside the box. You have to clean the litter box out regularly, as I am sure you want your potted plant to look nice and not have a foul smell at all.

There are many innovative ways that you can think of to hide your cat litter boxes, and these are some ways that you can use to do so. Perhaps you could even think up of your own creative way to do so.

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