Different Types of Cat Litter Boxes

There are many different types of cat litter boxes for your cat to do their business in. This article discusses the different types and their functions.

Disposable Cat Litter Boxes

You can make your own temporary cat litter boxes when you do not have time to go out and get a litter box for your cat. You can just get a waterproof and sturdy box, fill it with litter and you are done. Once you get a permanent cat litter box, you can simply throw this one away.

Regular Cat Litter Boxes

They are the cheapest and most commonly found litter boxes. You can get them in a variety of colours at the pet shop closest to you.

Dome/Covered Cat Litter Boxes

These litter boxes have something to cover it up and it allows your cat to have some privacy when doing its business. However, since these types of litter boxes are enclosed, some cats may not enjoy entering the box to do their business. The litter boxes will also stink over time, since it may trap some unpleasant smells.

Self-cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

These litter boxes are very expensive but it helps you to do all the dirty work of cleaning your cat’s excrement. You do not have to clean the litter box if it has an arm that sweeps away all the excrement into a tray or plastic bag. You will need to do some work, such as emptying the tray or the plastic bag. It may be convenient for you, but your pet cat may be afraid of the noise the mechanism makes, causing the cat to avoid going into the litter box.

Cat Toilet Litter Box

Well, this isn’t really a type on its own but I thought it was interesting enough to warrant its own section. The litter box in question is also known as the Cat Genie. It is shaped like a toilet bowl, just as it is designed for cats. The most amazing thing about this catbox is that It’s actually connected to your household toilet bowl and it flushes itself!

Of course, with such functionality, this particular catbox is also pricier than other options. It looks really convenient and luxurious, but there are a couple of downsides to this product. The Cat Genie needs to be near a toilet and a power plug, and it is rather large. It takes up quite a bit of water and electricity too.

DIY Cat Litter Boxes

DIY cat litter boxes are cheap and easy to make. You can get a large storage box which is made of softer and slightly flexible plastic. These can be found in home department stores and are usually cheaper than normal litter boxes. You can simply cut an opening for your cat and use tape to cover the sharp edges when you cut the opening to avoid injuring your cat. Fill half of the storage box with cat litter and you are done!

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