Designer Cat Litter Boxes

Cat Litter Box

By Tom Thai [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Spoiling your cat is a way to show affection to it. There are multiple ways to spoil your cat, and having designer litter boxes for it is one way. In this article, I will cover up the recommended designer brands of litter boxes for your furry little friend to enjoy.

All manners of fancy litter boxes exist today, and I have come across four brands which I feel are the best suited for your cat. They are:

  • ModKat
  • KattBank
  • Zen Haus
  • Eddie’s Room


This is a well-designed litter box, but it is not my personal favourite. Your cat has to enter through the top of the box, jumping inside and on top of the litter. The litter box comes with a scooper to scoop away your cat’s excrement. It also has an odour prevention design, which is excellent. When your cat jumps out of the litter box, it does not kick out the litter of the box since the opening is located at the top.


This is a multi-purpose cat litter box where you can use it as a comfortable bench to sit on. There is an opening at the side of this litter box where you can remove the tray and clear the litter. In order for your cat to access and leave the box, it has to go through a grid where leftover litter on its paws are removed and the base under that is also removable. There is also a vent which allows airflow, and all parts can be removed for cleaning.

Zen Haus

This product can be applied to both cats and dogs. It can be used as a place for sleeping, or as a cat litter box. A tray can be put into it and it can be a semi-private area to do their business. It is made of polished fibreglass, shatterproof glass top and a removable door. There are also vents all around this product.

Eddie’s Room

This can be used for dogs too! You may need to add in a litter tray in this product for your cat’s use. Eddie’s Room was made by Scandinavian designers and it is a cat cave in a beautiful walnut color with ultra-suede cushions and a stainless steel frame. The cushion can be machine-washed and the product looks like a rectangular prism with a small hole at the front located closer to the bottom. It seems to be one of those products with a stainless steel frame. This product would look good in any home.

These are the products that I would recommend to spoil your furry friend. I’m sure your cat will enjoy the products that you buy for them! Hopefully you will choose one of the designs that you deem fit and that you can afford.

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