Cat Litter Boxes That Clean Themselves

Technology allows you to spend more quality time with your pet instead of spending most of the time cleaning up your cat’s excrements. In this article, I will cover up the different types of mechanisms used in self-cleaning litter boxes and their functions.

Robotic Arm/Scooper

This is the most popular one where a sensor knows when your cat has done its business. The arm will be activated and it will sweep all the solid chunks away into either a plastic bag or another section. For your cat’s urine, an odour and bacteria removing material will be used. This is convenient for you as it reduces half of your workload for clearing your cat’s litter box. You will still need to remove the plastic bag or empty the tray, but that is easy work.


This is basically a miniature toilet bowl specially made for cats. It uses advanced litter which can be cleaned, allowing you to avoid buying new litter for your cat since it helps you to wash the litter. When your cat is done with its business, the toilet will automatically flush the excrement down and clean itself.

This litter box is so smart, yet so expensive and slightly troublesome in my opinion. You will have to connect it to your household toilet bowl and an electric plug, and you will have to spend a lot of money on electricity and water bills as well. Even though you will be saving time, you will not be saving money on these bills.

There are a lot of advanced cleaning systems for your cat to comfortably do their business in. It is your choice to decide on the different types of litter boxes your cat can have. Just decide on a suitable litter box for your pet and you are set. Maybe you can also spoil your pet by buying some designer cat litter boxes for them.

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