Advances in Cat Litter Boxes

Technology is advanced and many things, including cat litter boxes, have been upgraded for the better. There were multiple wonderful improvements to our furry little friend’s litter boxes, which will be discussed in this post.

The improvements made to the litter box are:

  • Autofill
  • Appearance
  • Chemical treatments
  • Filters and sieves


This feature is probably the greatest advancement for litter boxes. It is not only convenient, but also allows me to have one less undesirable thing to do. When the waste in the litter box is removed, what this feature does is that it refills the litter box with the right amount of litter. All you need to do is to maintain the litter box every now and then, since you don’t want the waste to be sitting around the litter box for so long.


Many strange things have been applied to litter boxes for them to blend into the surroundings, such as making the litter box a part of a potted plant, or having a cover over the box to make it look like a miniature house.

Chemical treatments

Some cat litter boxes have self-cleaning treatments to remove the waste in the box. There is a system where they separate the liquid waste from the rest of the cat litter in the box, treat it with chemicals and ensures that your house does not stink of cat urine.

Filters and sieves

This feature allows the solid waste to be separated from the rest of the cat litter. You will not be wasting a lot of unused cat litter, and you will save some money with this feature.

These are the four features that have been applied to the ordinary cat litter box. Even your furry friend can enjoy luxury while doing its business, sometimes!

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